1. Jagua®


    This is a great body-sculpting, core-conditioning, balance & stretch workout with simple routines choreographed to a variety of music genres including Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Afro & Old-School music.

  2. Javelin Throw


    Javelin is the athletic sport of throwing a metal spear as far as possible.

  3. Jazz


    This is a dance form or dance that is matched to the rhythms and techniques of jazz music, developed by African Americans in the early part of the 20th century.

  4. Jazzercise


    Jazzercise classes combine dance-based cardio with strength training to music.

  5. Jazz Fitness


    This is a form of aerobic exercise that includes movements from jazz dancing.

  6. Jet Skiing


    This is the activity of riding across water on a vehicle with an engine, like a motorcycle

  7. Jiggy Jump


    Trampoline fitness for everyone

  8. Jivamukti Yoga


    Jivamukti is a physical, ethical, and spiritual practice, combining a vigorous yoga as exercise, vinyasa-based physical style with adherence to five central tenets: shastra (scripture), bhakti (devotion), ahimsā (nonviolence, non-harming), nāda (music), and dhyana (meditation). It also emphasizes animal rights, veganism, environmentalism, and social activism.

  9. Jive


    The jive is a dance style that originated in the United States from the African Americans in the early 1930s. In competition ballroom dancing, the jive is often grouped with the Latin-inspired ballroom dances, though its roots are based on swing dancing and not Latin dancing.

  10. Jogging


    Jogging is a form of trotting or running at a slow or leisurely pace.

  11. Judo


    Judo is an dynamic combat sport represented in the Olympics.

  12. Ju-Jitsu


    A defensive martial art.

  13. Jukari Fit To Flex


    JUKARI Fit to Flex™ is a dynamic and effective workout that uses the musicality and vibrant colours of Cirque du Soleil to bring fitness to life and create a visual spectacle of strong shapes and flowing movements.

  14. Jump Fx


    jump fx delivers no-nonsense cardio programming designed to accelerate fat loss and maximise fitness gains.

  15. Jumpstyle


    Jumpstyle is a dancestyle which includes jumping and kicking your legs forward and backwards on the beat of the music. The music consists usually of some kind of dance, with loud bass drums added to it.

  16. Just Jhoom!


    Just Jhoom literally means Just Dance. Inspired by the glitz and glamour of Bollywood, the idea is to get fit from easy to follow energetic choreography drawn from popular and classical Indian dance.