1. Obstacle Course Racing


    Obstacle course racing (OCR) is a sport in which a competitor, traveling on foot, must overcome various physical challenges in the form of obstacles. Races vary in length from courses with obstacles close together to events of several kilometers[1] which incorporate elements of track, road and/or cross country/trail running.

  2. Octopush


    Octopush is underwater hockey

  3. Open Water Swimming


    Open water swimming is a swimming discipline which takes place in outdoor bodies of water such as open oceans, lakes, and rivers.

  4. Orienteering


    Orienteering is a challenging outdoor adventure sport

  5. Otago


    Otago is one of a few fall prevention programs that improves strength and balance and reduces falls and fall related injuries among older adults.

  6. Outdoor Badminton


    Badminton is a racket sport that involves hitting a shuttlecock over a net on indoor courts. Points are scored when the opponent is unable to return the shuttlecock before it hits the floor.

  7. Outrigger Canoeing


    Outrigger Canoeing is a racing sport of the canoeing discipline in which canoes with lateral floats called outriggers are fastened to the hull.