1. Rabble


    A Rabble session is an hour of immersive team games. Each game disguises high intensity intervals within the rules, giving you an effective, all-body workout.

  2. Racing


    Road bicycle racing is the cycle sport discipline of road cycling, held primarily on paved roads. Road racing is the most popular professional form of bicycle racing, in terms of numbers of competitors, events and spectators

  3. Rafting


    Rafting and whitewater rafting are recreational outdoor activities which use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water. This is often done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water. Dealing with risk is often a part of the experience

  4. Rave Fitness


    Our Rave Fit experience is a healthy way to keep up with your favourite clubbing lifestyle – with glow sticks, chart topping music and a great cardio workout, this class is perfect for those who just can't stop moving!

  5. Ravercise


    Ravercise is a HIIT dance workout with energising high bpm drum & bass music on a low lit club dance floor with a DJ and laser lights.

  6. Real Tennis


    This is the original form of tennis, played with a solid ball on an enclosed court divided into equal but dissimilar halves, the service side (from which service is always delivered) and the hazard side (on which service is received). A similar game was played in monastery cloisters in the 11th century.

  7. Rebound


    Rebound exercise (or “rebounding”) is a type of elastically leveraged low-impact exercise usually performed on a device known as a rebounder—sometimes called a "mini-trampoline" or "fitness trampoline"—which is directly descended from regular sports or athletic trampolines.

  8. Recreational Cycling


    People can ride bicycles recreationally in a variety of ways. Some people join a cycling or touring club when they wish to ride recreationally. These clubs organise group rides between various points, and members can ride with other cyclists.

  9. Reformer Pilates


    A form of pilates which uses a machine consisting of a frame, platform and a set of springs which provide resistance.

  10. Rehab Pilates


    A form of pilates which uses exercises to help in recovery from injury or surgery.

  11. RescueFit Adult Bootcamp


    An emergency service themed physical bootcamp

  12. Resistance Bands


    Strength training using resistance bands.

  13. Resistance Training


    Strength training using free weights

  14. Resistance weights machines


    Resistance machines have a predetermined range of motion, meaning you can only lift and lower the weight in the correct way. This helps you to learn the exercise, build up strength and learn to engage the right muscles before progressing onto free weights

  15. Restorative Yoga


    Restorative yoga enables deep relaxation as you holding poses for longer periods of time with the help of props to completely support you. The main focus of Restorative Yoga is that by relaxing in poses, with the aid of props, without strain or pain, we can achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Restorative yoga classes are very relaxing and slow paced

  16. Rhythmic Gymnastics


    Rhythmic Gymnastics discipline within Gymnastics

  17. Rifle


    In rifle and pistol events, competitors have to hit a 10-ring target from a distance of 10, 25 or 50 metres. Depending on the event, competitors need to shoot while standing up, on their knees or lying down

  18. Road Cycling


    Road cycling is the most widespread form of cycling in which cyclists ride on paved roadways. It includes recreational, racing, commuting, and utility cycling.

  19. Rock and Roll


    This is a fast, athletic, physically demanding form of partner dance that originated from Lindy Hop but has evolved to a choreographed sport, often done in formal competition. It is danced by both couples (usually of mixed gender) and groups, either all-female or four to eight couples together.

  20. Rockbox Fitness


    The full body workout taking interval training to a whole new level. A stress busting, therapy session for the body and mind. You punch, kick, smash sticks to classic and modern rock tunes!

  21. Rock Climbing


    Sport Rock Climbing involves climbing a rock using fixed protection that is already inplace as they ascend.

  22. Roller Blading


    Travelling using skates with wheels.

  23. Roller Derby


    Roller Derby is an all-girl contact sports.

  24. Roller Hockey


    Roller hockey is a form of hockey played on a dry surface using roller skates, skates with wheels.

  25. Roller Skating


    The activity or sport of gliding across a hard surface on traditional quad roller skates.

  26. Rollerskiing


    Roller skiing is an off-snow equivalent to cross-country skiing that takes place on smooth surfaces such as paths in parks, safe roads and cycle tracks.

  27. Roller Sports


    Roller sports are sports that use human powered vehicles which use rolling either by gravity or various pushing techniques. Typically ball bearings and polyurethane wheels are used for momentum and traction respectively, and attached to devices or vehicles that the roller puts his weight on.

  28. Ropes Courses


    A ropes course is a challenging personal development and team building activity which usually consists of high and/or low elements.

  29. Rounders


    The sport of Rounders is a fun, exciting, striking and fielding team game, where points known as 'Rounders' are scored by a player hitting a ball and then completing a circuit of the track.

  30. Rowing


    Rowing can be either recreational or competitive, indoor or outdoor.

  31. Rowing machine


    An indoor rower, or rowing machine, is a machine used to simulate the action of watercraft rowing for the purpose of exercise or training for rowing.

  32. Rpm™


    RPM™ is an indoor cycling class, set to the rhythm of motivating music.

  33. Rugby


    This is a team game played with an oval ball that may be kicked, carried, and passed from hand to hand. Points are scored by grounding the ball behind the opponents' goal line (thereby scoring a try) or by kicking it between the two posts and over the crossbar of the opponents' goal.

  34. Rugby League


    Rugby league is a full contact game, played by two teams of 13 players.

  35. Rugby Sevens


    Rugby sevens is an abbreviated form of rugby, featuring two teams of seven players. Played on a full-size rugby pitch, the opposing teams compete to score points via tries, conversions, penalties and drop goals. The winning team is the one with the most points at the end of the match

  36. Rugby Union


    Rugby union is a contact sport where aim is to use the ball to score more points than the other team.

  37. Rumba


    The Rumba originated among the African slaves in Cuba in the sixteenth century. It began as a fast and sensual dance with exaggerated hip movements. The dance was said to be representing the male pursuit of a woman and the music played with a staccato beat to keep time with the expressive movements of the dancers.

  38. Run/Bike


    A duathlon is a two-sport race which involves running and cycling in three stages (run-bike-run). A duathlon is great for those looking to move into multi-sport racing but may not be comfortable with an open water swim or for triathletes who cannot get in the open water over winter.

  39. Running


    Running is a form of exercise that can be done at anytime and anywhere.

  40. Running machine


    This is a machine for exercising on which you run or walk on a strip that moves back, so that you must move at the same speed as the strip